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[TV ASAHI] Music Station program
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Welcome to the community dedicated to TV Asahi's program, MUSIC STATION. Here you will find downloads for the show as well as discussions.

Originally started in October 24th, 1986, Music Station has been the longest running live music program of Japan. The program is also known as Emu Sute (M ステ) and is currently presented by Tamori-san and Yoshie Takeuchi.

In fact Tamori has been the host since 1989, while Yoshie Takeuchi replaced Mariko Do, who "graduated" in October 2008.

You can read more on the Wiki page: here.
Music Station has various segments such as:

- CD Single Weekly Hit Ranking (since 1989 & the longest running)
- CD Album Hit Ranking
- Music Topics
- Chat Sessions (currently on hiatus since 2005)
- Mini Music Station
- Music Station Young Guns

There's also the Yearly Specials and the Super Live that is held at the end of each year.
Here are some simple rules for everyone to keep in mind because let's face it... nobody wants their favourite groups flamed.

- Be nice. We're all herr to enjoy Jpop and Jrock after all.
- Feel free to contribute by uploading a certain episode of Music Station.
- Friends-lock all download posts to this community.
- Please check with the archive to see if an episode has been posted already before posting!
- You can post clips (as long as the clip hasn't been posted before). Make sure you say from which Music Station it was (date)!
- HAVE FUN and enjoy the music program~!

Your moderators are here to help and make your life slightly easier when possible.

kankyuuhin and sleepingwgods

Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. Either PM one of us or post your question in the FAQ post in the community.

Some Music Station links:
English Wikipedia
Official MS website

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